Gerrymandering? Let’s call it what it is: cheating!

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If you thought AZ Voters settled redistricting already, you are correct!

But, even after a Supreme Court ruling upheld the AZ Independent Redistricting Committee (IRC) final maps, some AZ Legislators are out to undermine the power of our vote once again.

In 2001 AZ Voters were successful in protecting our votes with the creation of the AZ Independent Redistricting Committee. Independently balanced voting districts, that the IRC created, are for the benefit of the people, not politicians! Apparently, some AZ politicians want the power back in their hands; They introduced the Bill, SCR1034, which will do just that.
This is against the will of AZ Voters!

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“Gerrymandering & How it Affects the Power of Our Votes”

Tuesday March 20, 2018
Pima County Housing Center, 801 West Congress Street

Presentation by:
Hollace Lyon, Colonel, USAF, retired
Holly is a retired Air Force Colonel with 26 years of service. She currently is an LD11 House Candidate and serves as the Senior Vice Chair for the state Democratic Party. During her years as a training manager she set strategic goals & objectives for 90,000 personnel.
She brings her experience to help us understand the redistricting process & how to protect our vote so that it…TRULY…counts!
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