Grassroots Community Rally: Supporting Refugee Resettlement

“Is this the new “Great America”? It infringes on Tucson’s “Immigrant Friendly” status. It stops/reduces refugee resettlement in America. It blocks refugees from Syria. It bans visitors from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen. It it is a penstroke away from becoming an executive order. Come help organize a greater voice against unAmerican injustices being instituted without representation. Join in raising voices against human injustice.”

Hosted by We the People, Tucson.

One response to “Grassroots Community Rally: Supporting Refugee Resettlement

  1. Councilman Steve K said tonight at a PFLAG event that Syrian and Iraqi refugees will be speaking at this rally on Saturday. My husband has a UA colleague whose husband is from Iran and he is wondering if he will be allowed back in should he go home to visit sometime. Attend the rally to find out more about who is being affected by this ban.

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