“Immigrants & the American Dream: Today & Tomorrow” talk & discussion

September 23, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Joel D. Valdez Main library
101 N Stone Ave
Tucson, AZ 85701

Group discussion facilitated by historian and lawyer Dr. T.J. Davis. The United States of America has long touted itself as a land of immigrants and has grown phenomenally from migration since its beginnings in an ever expanding global economy. Yet the source and substance of immigration have been topics of continuous debate. How do domestic conditions, regional competitions, geopolitics, and foreign policy affect the discourse about who could and should become an American? How do immigrants become Americans? How do immigrants affect American vitality? Join us for a Frank Talk to ponder the question, what does it mean to be an American. Here’s a booklist for Immigration in America.

Frank Talks are free, thought-provoking, expert-facilitated discussions on important issues facing our communities produced in partnership with Arizona Humanities and the Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records.


One response to ““Immigrants & the American Dream: Today & Tomorrow” talk & discussion

  1. About 15 people at this Frank talk today, with the facilitator T.J. starting off asking us to write responses to questions of “What is the American Dream?” and “what is the relation between the American Dream and immigration?”. Diverse statements from the participants about opportunities, freedom of religion, seeking a better life economically, quotas, difference between immigrants and refugees. T.J. said that in 2016 22 M immigrants entered US through ports of entry (legally). He also mentioned those foreigners coming to work in U.S. with H visas and posed questions about Who gets to stay? Who can become US. Citizens? Should immigration continue? Should families be unified? What liability do DACA young people have for actions of their parents? Thought provoking discussion, but no clear answers of course. Former PCC Board member Marty Cortez was in attendance.

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