JCRC & JFSA Annual Local Leaders Forum Topic: Immigration Crisis in Southern Arizona

“Please join the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona for a panel discussion on the Immigration crisis in Southern Arizona. This event is FREE and open to the public RSVP is required as light breakfast will be served. Come hear from experts in this issue we have a great set of panelists for this event. Breakfast begins at 7:30 am the formal program will start at 8 am.”
Please RSVP To: jscott@jfsa.org

Guest Speakers
Mayor Jonathan Rothschild
Ricardo Pineda Albarran, Cónsul of México in Tucson
Alan Bennett, Immigration Attorney
Maria Vianey Cardenas, AZ LULAC Immigration chair
Bob Feinman, Vice Chair of Humane Borders
Francisco Salcido, DACA recipient, and Community Activist

2 responses to “JCRC & JFSA Annual Local Leaders Forum Topic: Immigration Crisis in Southern Arizona

  1. Carolyn Classen

    Good article on this immigration forum in Arizona Jewish Post: https://azjewishpost.com/2017/jcrc-immigration-forum-highlights-citys-citizenship-campaign/

  2. Informative workshop today on immigration to about 50 people at JCC. First off, Mayor Rothschild spoke of the City’s citizenship campaign for the 30,000 Pima County residents (here legally) eligible for citizenship to become U.S. Citizens; then MC Alan Bennett asked the difference between refugees (outside country) and asylees (here in the country applying for citizenship, after persecution). The Consul from Mexico said there are about 32 M Mexicans in U.S., 5.8 M have no documents, 3 M eligible for citizenship. Bob Feinman from Humane Borders said their group wants to save lives, works w/ Border Patrol, puts out water stations from Yuma to Douglas. Maria from LULAC spoke of helping 97 seniors get U.S. citizenship in 2016 with fee waivers, works w/ Ayuda program; Francisco, the DACA student has been detained a # of times as he works on T.O. reservation, came to U.S. in 2003. Questions from MC and audience were about immigration clinics run by the Mexican Consulate, whether D.V. is considered for asylum seekers (as “femicide”), is Tucson a Sanctuary City, how to build more tolerance & compassion (answer: education from the panelists), how to educate more people about prevention of immigration incidents.

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