LD 10 Rep. Kirsten Engel at DGT

LD 10  Rep. Kirsten Engel will be speaking about the Southwest Key Facility & Family Separation at Arizona’s Border.  She was first elected in Nov. 2016 and is facing a 4 way Dem primary on August 28, 2018 (for 2 seats).


LD 10 House Rep. Kirsten Engel

“Kirsten Engel is a professor at the University of Arizona College of Law where she teaches environmental law and legislative analysis to graduate and undergraduate students. A former associate dean of the College, Kirsten created the Environmental Law Certificate Program and helped launch the student-run Arizona Journal of Environmental Law and Policy. Prior to her teaching career, Ms. Engel practiced environmental law with state and federal agencies.

Kirsten and her husband Scott are the proud parents of a middle school-age daughter. It was the desire to improve the educational opportunities available to Arizona’s public school children and to provide affordable higher education at the State’s universities and community colleges that first motivated Kirsten to run for public office. Active in her daughter’s school, Kirsten brings her passion for education to her work in the legislature.”

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  1. Disturbing report from Rep. Engel about this SW Key facility on Oracle (former hotel). She related that the visit was “extremely controlled”, that 300 kids there ages 5 to 17 were first screened medically, allowed a call home and call to someone in U.S., got group counseling, separated byage in classrooms for education, asked question “Do you want to be in U.S.?”, average stay there 49 days. Florence Immigration Project comes in 2x week with info on Know Your Rights, preliminary screening for asylum. Also present was MVM, private defense contractor that transported kids for ICE to other facilities in U.S. Engel saw problems: inadequate & only state license from DHS of this “temporary group home” for kids; no obligation to report abuses to DHS or DCS (Child Safety). Gov. Ducey asked for inspections and some violations found (employee fingerprinting & privacy issues), whom to notify of any abuse incidents? Questions from audience were about legal help for these kids, who is federal agency overseeing detention & any oversight, any report keeping of family members for reunification, could education be done thru Pima County School Superintendent, anyone from outside to help talk to these kids, are these incarcerated kids for enrollment in charter school per DT, and how about TUSD Superintendent has any authority to negotiate schooling? Stay tuned for Larry Bodine’s report on this talk today at DGT.

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