John C. Scott radio show online at Tucson Progressive Media

John C. Scott

FB announcement that John C. Scott is  back online starting today at :, live stream .  Check it out.

John was on recently at Tucson Progressive radio, 3 to 5 p.m. weekdays on the air, but has taken a hiatus.

Updates on show times at FB:

“Here you can find great programming of radio and podcast shows from Wisconsin, California, and of course Tucson, Arizona.

Just go to our Tucson Progressive Media website above and hit the blue button labeled “Click Here to Hear!” This takes you to the streaming site, click at the top in black the current show at (now playing).

Listen in on our great shows:

-Voices of the West (Weekly)
-Steve Leal’s All Things Political
(Weekly and live podcast Thurs 12-1 pm)
-Devils Advocate (Daily Radio show from M-F)
-Truth for America (Episodic Education shows playing)
-Zona Politics (Weekly)

-The John C Scott show (live Daily M-F 12-1 pm, except Thursdays)

Never stop getting a chance to listen into great content playing now and check into learn about our shows under development from Studio 604 located at the Pioneer Commercial Building in downtown Tucson.

Great interviews and great new shows coming to answer the perplexing questions of today’s puzzling issues.

If you are interested in Advertising, Issues, Media or developing your own show format, please do not hesitate to contact us.”

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