Justice for Jose Antonio: Emergency Community Briefing

Hosted by Border Patrol Victims Network Red de Victimas de la Patrulla Fronteriza and 2 others

“Donald Trump’s continued fear-mongering of border communities and asylum seekers are unfolding amidst the courtroom proceedings of the second federal trial of US Border Patrol officer Lonnie Swartz, who shot into Mexico through the militarized border wall in Ambos Nogales, killing 16-year old José Antonio Elena Rodríguez on October 10, 2012. Join the Border Patrol Victims Network to listen the latest updates on the case and demand the prosecutor assigned to the case to include important information and witnesses.

At 4:30, we invite you to join the Troops Off the Border! Asylum for the Caravan! and demand an end to further militarization of the border and to stop violence at the hands of security forces, including Border Patrol and the recently deployed 5,200 troops. A successful prosecution in José Antonio’s case would set a precedent of accountability for future cases of human rights abuses in the borderlands.”


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