Kochbusters Day of Action

“Koch-busters National Day of Action
Community Members Protest Koch Money Going to Political Candidates and the UA Freedom Center

This Halloween, we’re less worried about ghosts and more concerned about the Kochs. That’s why members of Kochs Off Campus! are joining Unkoch My Campus, Outlaw Dirty Money, and other groups across the country in a National Day of Action against the corrupting influence of dark money from the Koch donor network in higher education and on legislators, governors and judges.

WHAT AND WHERE: Tucson Koch-busters will hold large, informative signs on the sidewalk at four different locations in Tucson, to protest candidates and a university center that receive Koch money:

-Martha McSally (candidate for U.S. Senate), 4400 E. Broadway.
McSally’s campaign has received $10,200 from the Kochs.

-Lea Marquez Peterson (candidate for U.S. Congress), 802 E. Speedway.
Marquez Peterson has received $10,000 from the Kochs.

-Doug Ducey (incumbent candidate for Governor of Arizona), 400 W. Congress.
Ducey has received millions of dollars from the Kochs.

-Center for the Philosophy of Freedom (University of Arizona), intersection of Campbell and Speedway.

The “Freedom Center” has received $1,345,500 from the Kochs since 2008.

WHO: Kochs Off Campus! is a nonpartisan group of UA faculty, students, and Tucson residents united to remove the influence of the Koch donor network from the University of Arizona—and, ultimately, Arizona. Outlaw Dirty Money is an Arizona grassroots, nonpartisan, volunteer group of concerned citizens who collected over 285,000 signatures to put an initiative on the ballot this November to outlaw secret political contributions from donors like Charles Koch and the donor network he orchestrates.”

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