Laughing Liberally Tucson Comedy Showcase with David Fitzsimmons


AZ Daily Star cartoonist David Fitzsimmons will appear with the Laughing FitzatLLLiberally group, at Sky Bar.

Laughing Liberally started up in Tucson again on March 2015, performs on the last Sunday of every month. Local comedians lampoon political figures on local, state, national level.

Check their FB page for updates.

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  1. Laughing Liberally had to compete with the full lunar eclipse tonight, but they carried on courageously. MC Alex Kack started off asking the audience “Who are you voting for in the Presidential election?” with jokes about Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson. Then Phil Gordon, originally from Chicago joked about the difference with the Southwest; New Jersey where Gov. Christie is from, Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker (now out of the race), lukewarm Joe Biden, ” bombastic” Donald Trump; followed by Scottsdale comedian Michael Paul Kohn who spoke about 10 guys in Austin being called “faggots”, a priest in an Italian restaurant/bar, the Big Bang explosion; then Alan Fullbeard (with a full beard) said that Trump should “like” people, that Alan’s
    stance on Planned Parenthood lost him a FB friend, he was thankful he didn’t have polio. Another Scottsdale comedian Michael Palladino wore a Reagan/Bush tshirt tonight and poked fun at Trump, Christie (looked like his dad), Boehner, then encouraged Q &A from the audience. Palladino wondered who would be Trump’s running mate and Russ from the audience suggested Sarah Palin. Then Ryan Malco spoke of blind dates, Pope fever, the GOP debates, even singer Billy Joel’s liking of young girls.

    Finally the headliner of the evening Star cartoonist Fitz took the stage (and stole it by commenting on the grungy locale of Sky Bar on 4th Avenue), that all the prior performers were younger than him using notes, but he read amusing headlines of the day, and even mentioned the lunar eclipse by “mooning” the audience. I kid you not. Fitz was hot tonight under the full moon.

    Phil Gordon made announcement that starting Sat. Oct. 10 they were going live on the radio – Power Talk Radio 1210 AM on the dial, from 5 to 6 p.m.with a “mood adjustment” theme. Stay tuned for sure for more comedy.

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