Laughing Liberally with Dave Fitzsimmons


“Laughing Liberally Tucson returns to The Flycatcher with our post innauguration day bash! Hosted by Alex Kack is trying too hard and Mo Urban

This month’s line up includes headliner David Wayne Fitzsimmons
and Phoenix’s Paul Goebel (As seen in: Beat The Geeks, Not Another Teen Movie, Comedy Central and more!)”

With local favorites:
Richard Aguirre
Cindell Hanson
Dominic DiTolla
Steven Bailey

One response to “Laughing Liberally with Dave Fitzsimmons

  1. MC Alex Kack welcomed everyone and said that it was a “crazy time to be alive” since Donald Trump (now Pres.) makes Mitt Romney look good. Encouraged audience to buy barf bags now, and talked about Ted Cruz being worse than Trump and Ben Carson being “dumb”. He also said no health care was Trumpcare. First up was Cindell Hansen from Flagstaff, who works w/ 5 year olds, said that they reflected their parents, some of whom had given her permission to “hit them”. She said she was on stage because she can’t “afford therapy”. Then Dom Ditola talked about winning coaches praying to God (instead of Satan), has come out of the closet as a Republican, and whose Dad was a rocket scientist. He said that his Halloween mask was White Privilege and that marijuana dealers were jobless after medical marijuana became legal. Rich Gary claimed to be 1/2 Mexican, 1/2 White and after Nov. 8 got a pay raise but 1/2 was in tamales. He talked about being single again and his past girlfriends, being a “serial monogamist”, a Scorpio, working for Uber. Steve Bailey joked about the lack of wholesome Norman Rockwell people anymore, including a family who put up Lost Dog signs, with their dog dead in the basement. Trump was a “cartoon character” to him,”America’s sleaziest tycoon takeover”. He disliked the Clinton Crime Family, and likened Hillary to the Manchurian candidate (robot who malfunctioned, fainted). Paul Goebel from Phoenix laughed about any Hitler haircut & mustache, the Flintstones (Fred & Barney) driving a car and running out of gas (before fossil fuels since dinosaurs were alive). He said that cops don’t bother white guys like him, even once when he was “high”. Nazis always get punched in the jaw in movies, he noted. Paul also told a long story about being “high” along with his father, who got upset when his friend Jim ate half/the rest of a birthday cake. Finally headliner Dave Fitzsimmons took the stage, drew 3 caricatures of Trump and George W. Bush, said he was “in chronic pain being a liberal in Arizona”, related an incident with a Republican nurse and a catheter. Overall he claimed to be a “frustrated, deviant pervert” and warned the audience (about 25 people) of Donald Trump overreacting to a Muslim incident and ending up famous on Mt. Rushmore.

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