LD 10 Rep. Kirsten Engel’s Re-election Kickoff

“You are invited to join me as we get ready for the next Legislative Session and look at the 2018 election. Come find out what Democrats were able to do and what we weren’t and why it’s more important than ever to elect more Democrats to the State House. Can’t wait to see you all.” – Rep. Kirsten Engel

One response to “LD 10 Rep. Kirsten Engel’s Re-election Kickoff

  1. Overwhelming crowd tonight (over 100 people) at the Mayor’s house for Kirsten’s campaign kickoff. The Mayor introduced Paul Durham, candidate in Ward 3 and Steve Kozachik, Councilman in Ward 6, both candidates in Nov. Also present were LD 10 State Senator David Bradley, LD 2 House Rep. Daniel Hernande3 Jr., former Congressman Ron Barber, CD 2 candidates Mary Matiella and Bruce Wheeler, David Schapira (from Tempe) for AZ Supe of Public Instruction, Domingo DeGrazia & Nikki Lee, candidates for LD 10 House. Kirsten spoke of the “tremendous energy & enthusiasm” at this party, but that she was angry and fearful of the issues facing Arizona, but had “optimism for 2018”. She’s angry about low elem. school teacher pay, rising college tuition, no funds for the community colleges, the recently passed voucher bill to give $ to private schools. She mentioned her anger at the sexism at the AZ Legislature, an “Old Boys Club”. Why is she running again? Because she “can’t sit back”, and has “work to be done”, wants to be “the voice for LD 10”. Questions from audience were about the Governor’s budget and the Freedom Center at the UA; school recess bills; ERA Amendment chance to pass; AZ Clean Power Plan Bill she introduced to reduce green house gases. Her website: EngelforArizona.com to donate, as she is running traditionally.

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