LD 10 Senate & House clean elections debate

LD 10 clean elections debate for Senate between Democratic Senator David Bradley and Republican challenger Marilyn Wiles, political newcomer

LD 10 State Senator David Bradley


Marilyn Wiles






LD 10 debate between Democrats Rep. Kirsten Engel and Domingo DeGrazia, and Republican Rep. Todd Clodfelter. Engel and Clodfelter were both elected in Nov. 2016, defeating incumbent Democrat Stefanie Mach. Green party candidate Josh Reilly is also running for a House seat in LD 10, and he ran for District 4 Pima County Supervisor in Nov. 2016 (lost to Republican Steve Christy).

Domingo DeGrazia

LD 10 House Rep. Kirsten Engel

LD 10 Rep. Todd Clodfelter

Joshua Reilly

2 responses to “LD 10 Senate & House clean elections debate

  1. LD 10 debate online now:

    Democratic Senator David Bradley and Republican challenger Marilyn Wiles debated, as did Democratic House Rep. Kirten Engel and Democrat Domingo DeGrazia. Republican Rep. Todd Clodfelter did not participate, nor did Green Josh Reilly.

    Sound is poor on this video, unfortunately.

  2. Tim Steller at AZ Daily Star is reporting that Republican Todd Clodfelter will not be participating in this debate on Tuesday:


    CCEC website states same, also that Josh Reilly (Green) is not attending either: https://www.azcleanelections.gov/en/arizona-elections/debate-information

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