LD 11 Senate & House clean elections debate

LD 11 State Senate clean elections debate between former Republican House  Rep. Vince Leach and Democrat Ralph Atchue.  Atchue ran for this seat previously in Nov. 2016 and lost to Republican LD  11 Senator Steve Smith.  (Smith ran for CD 1 in 2018 and lost that bid, so this is an open seat). Green Party candidate Mohammad Arif is also seeking a Senate seat.

State Representative Leach favors dark money and subsidizing the rich.

LD 11 Rep. Vince Leach

Ralph Atchue






Mohammad Arif

LD 11 House debate between Republicans Rep. Mark Finchem and Bret Roberts vs. Democrats Hollace Lyon and Marcela Quiroz. Finchem was elected to his seat in Nov. 2014 (2 terms) and  Roberts is a political newcomer. Lyon ran for this same seat in Nov. 2014, and Quiroz is a political newcomer.

LD 11 Rep. Mark Finchem

Bret Roberts

Candidate Hollace Lyon points out that SCR1034 overturns the voters' will in a 2000 ballot initiative to take away redistricting power away from the Legislature

Hollace Lyon

Marcela Quiroz

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  1. Video of this LD 11 debate online now at CCEC website: https://www.azcleanelections.gov/en/past-debates. Participating were State Senate candidates Ralph Atchue (D), Vince Leach (R), and House candidates Rep. Mark Finchem (incumbent R), Hollace Lyon (D), Marcela Quiroz (D), Bret Roberts (R).

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