LD 2 Citizens Clean Elections Commission debate

June 21, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Hilton Garden Inn at Tucson Airport
6575 S Country Club Rd
Tucson, AZ 85756


Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission debate for House race in LD 2 in the August 30 primary.  3 Democrats are running for 2 seats:  Aaron Baumann, Rosanna Gabaldon (incumbent), Daniel Hernandez Jr.

Entire debate schedule here:


Updated debate schedule:


4 responses to “LD 2 Citizens Clean Elections Commission debate

  1. Daniel Hernandez Jr. in his intro said that 2011 was a hectic year for him with the mass shooting, Sunnyside School bd. election,etc. and he ended up one class short of his B.A. He will be allowed to complete that course & degree by the end of August.
    All 3 candidates gave a short introductions, then were asked questions about how to address gender gap re: STEM/Executive positions; about an ideal gun control law; how to address a warming climate. However then each candidate was asked a single question (without responses from the other 2, which did not allow any comparisons in answers): to DH (address being in the minority re: process in developing legislation & moving Democratic agenda forward), RG (importance of honesty/integrity), AB (how get dark $ out of state politics), DH (address wage gap for women/minorities), RG (specific plans to “defeat” LD 2 Rep. Ackerley), AB (how improve voter registration); DH (how prepare for aging population), RG (describe latest random act of kindness), AB how work against Republicans to get adequate funding for universities), DH (how plan effectively to restore K-12 funding), RG (perspective on recreational marijuana), AB (what would your 1st bill submitted be), DH (how handle drug overuse/epidemic), RG (opinion on $ spent meeting needs of state & citizens), AB (how diversify economy & focus on businesses), DH (shortage of doctors in Arizona), RG (position on Prop. 123), AB (position on state rights), DH (need I.D.to vote?), RG (Lake Mead & adequate water supply), AB (U.S. restrictions on immigrants). Then each candidate gave closing remarks. Stay tuned for video on this debate w/in 72 hours by CCEC staff. Attending tonight were PCDP Chair Jo Holt, LD 2 State Senator Andrea Dalessandro, and about 35 people in attendance in total.

  2. Carolyn Classen

    Apparently Daniel Hernandez Jr. has not been truthful about his B.A. degree from the UA: http://www.tucsonsentinel.com/local/report/061816_hernandez/gv-news-hernandez-lacks-ua-degree-despite-claims/. Years ago candidate Lori Oien told me the same thing, that she was one course shy of getting her B.A. but she was very candid about it when I asked her about her educational background for the Tucsoncitizen.com article I was writing.

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