LD 3 Dems Tardeada 2017

“Join the Democrats of LD3 for a midsummer party hosted by Joel Feinman and Hailey Smith, 638 S. Main St, July 15, from 6-10 PM. To contribute to the work of the LD3 Democrats, please consider donating $10 viaActBlue.com/donate/2017ld3

Únete a los Demócratas de DL3 para una fiesta de verano organizada por Joel Feinman y Hailey Smith, 638 S. Main St, 15 de Julio, desde 6 a 10 pm. Para contribuir a el trabajo de los Demócratas de DL3, por favor considere donar $10 vía ActBlue.com/donate/2017ld3

Paid for by the LD3 Democratic Committee, Barbara Wright, Treasurer.


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