LD 9 Democratic candidates forum hosted by TVVDC

LD9 Candidates Forum
Saturday, May 12 – 9:30am to 11:00am
Risky Business (8848 E Tanque Verde)

Top row:  Jim Love, Victoria Steele  for State Senate (1 seat)

Bottom row:  Rep. Randy Friese, Rep. Pam Powers Hannley, JP Martin for State House (2 seats)

Come meet all of the LD9 Democratic candidates and hear their responses to your questions on the issues. The Democratic candidates are:

  • Victoria Steele (Candidate for Senate)
  • Jim Love (Candidate for Senate)
  • Pamela Powers Hannley (Incumbent candidate for House)
  • Dr. Randy Friese (Incumbent candidate for House) *
  • JP Martin (Candidate for House)

The Tanque Verde Valley Democratic Club presents speakers of interest to Democratic on the second Saturday of every month at 9:30 am at Risky Business (8848 E Tanque Verde Road). Meetings are free and open to the public, so please feel free to drop in.

* may not attend if on call at the hospital (Banner University Medical center)

To join the Tanque Verde Valley Democratic Club please email your name, address, telephone number and email address to Beth Isabelle (bethisabelle@gmail.com)

Carolyn’s note:  LD 9 Senate seat will be open as incumbent Steve Farley is running for Governor, in the Dem primary on 8/28/18.  The 2 Dem House candidates elected in the Primary will then face Republican Ana Henderson, who ran for this same seat in Nov. 2016.

2 responses to “LD 9 Democratic candidates forum hosted by TVVDC

  1. Carolyn Classen

    About 45 people at this forum, including U.S. Senate candidates Chris Russell and David Ruben, LD 10 House candidates Domingo DeGrazia and Cat Ripley. Rep. Randy Friese on call at Banner-UMC so former E. D. of PCDP Cheryl Cage spoke for him on the panel. After opening remarks, they were asked these questions: How effective can you be in a Republican House Majority? Re 2018 budget, what is your opinion on increase of $1.6 M to TUSD homeowners? Gun control question: do you believe in background checks, how to reduce/prevent gun violence, should we arm teachers and do you support 2nd Amendment? How plan to reduce police violence against people of color? What can AZ legislature do re: water shortage and do we need the Rosemont Mine? What would be the single most effective bill you would want to pass, and the bill you would want to kill? Next month at TVVDC will be Sec. of State Dem candidates Katie Hobbs and Mark Robert Gordon, and AG candidate January Contreras on June 9.

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