LD 9 House clean elections debate

LD 9 Senate seat is open, with  former LD 9 House Rep. Victoria Steele (D)  facing off with a Republican write in candidate from the primary — electrical engineer Randy Fleenor, a political newcomer.  Randy is married to Debe Campos Fleenor who ran unsuccessfully for TUSD School Bd. in 2012 and 2014.

(Steve Farley is the State Senator in LD 9 and ran for Governor in the Arizona primary and lost to Dr. David Garcia.)

Victoria Steele

Randy Fleenor






LD 9 House clean elections debate between 2 Democrats Rep. Randy Friese and Rep. Pam Powers Hannley and Republican challenger Ana Henderson, for 2 seats. Henderson ran for this same seat in Nov. 2016 and lost, so this is a rematch.

Nov. 2016 General Election  results:

Freise 51,033
Powers Hannley 45,387
Henderson 41 ,792

LD 9 House Rep. Dr. Randy Friese

Rep.-Elect Pamela Powers Hannley

LD 9 House Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley






Ana Henderson



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