Let’s Talk About DACA

“With the focus on supporting DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients, we will learn what qualifies a person to apply for DACA . We will find out the birth countries of the DACA recipients. We will learn pertinent facts and look into common myths about DACA recipients. More importantly, we can develop ways that we can actually help and support DACA recipients at this challenging and dangerous time for them.

We have also invited organizations that help DACA recipients to
join in our conversation.

Please join us in this important conversation.

We use a circles process to speak together that supports listening and sharing in a compassionate way. Sat Bir Kaur Khalsa, trained by Our Family Services Center for Community Dialogue, will facilitate the evening. Please come willing to meet with people from various faith traditions, including agnostic and atheist, to share ideas and reflections with open minds, ears and hearts. All will have a chance to share and listen.

Current sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. Chopra, Gandhi Restaurant, Nicki Giroux, Delores Grayam, Rula Khalidi, Muslim Community Center of Tucson,Toetie Oberman, Or Chadash/Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund (Rabbi Tom Louchheim), Angela and Javon Oston, William “Pete” Peterson, Bob Phillips, Jon Rinnander, Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson (Bishop Kicanis), Dr. Harminder Singh, Harpreet Singh, Dr. Fayez Swailem, SEMA Foundation (formerly known as Anatolia Cultural Center),Temple Emanu-El/Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund (Rabbi Batsheva Appel),Temple of Universality, Zander Zwart and Hester Oberman,Veterans for Peace Tucson Chapter 13, and many anonymous donors.”


One response to “Let’s Talk About DACA

  1. 9 people at this community conversation about DACA, but unfortunately no DACA recipients themselves though requests for speakers were sent out to various groups. After a delicious vegetarian dinner, the group sat in a circle to read some handouts about DACA and discuss them. Didn’t know that 75% of DACA recipients were born in Mexico, and that 192 countries have recipients from them. Some mentioned recent AZ Supreme Court case which ruled that DACA students can’t get in-state tuition anymore, and others mentioned recent federal court ruling that the US Govt. needed to provide more info. Action suggested (by me) was to attend fundraisers to raise $ for DACA youth to pay their renewal fees, attend panel discussions to hear directly from DACA youth. All agreed that it will be difficult to convince opponents of DACA of its merits, to allow their families into US as well.

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