LWVGT Voter Education program: immigration

February 17, 2018 @ 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
Joel D. Valdez Main library
101 N Stone Ave
Tucson, AZ 85701

Voter Education Program. When Immigration Hits a Wall: Life in the Borderlands Location: Joel D. Valdez Pima County Public Library

101 N. Stone, Lower Level 1 Mtg. Rm

Time: 9:30 am refreshments, 10 am + 12 pm program

“Join us to hear three Tucsonans bring a local perspective to immigration from the legal viewpoint to the stories of lives of uncertainty.

Our featured speakers include: Mo Goldman, Tucson immigration attorney, who will speak to how we got to this point in immigration, how it is being handled now as opposed to 2012-2016, and what to expect going forward.

Lorena Verdugo, Community Health Adviser/Community Health Coordinator for El Rio Health Center and Coordinator of Ventanilla de Salud in the Mexican Consulate. From her vantage point in health care services, Lorena will bring the stories of immigrants finding their way locally and how that affects them and our community.

Alejandro Ursua is a U of A graduate and a DACA status recipient. Alex currently works as a Registered Client Associate for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. He’ll tell his personal story: how he succeeded under DACA and now how legislative uncertainty impacts his and his family’s life.”


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  1. Over 60 people at this panel presentation this morning. Mo Goldman gave background of immigration policy in U.S., difficult to get nonimmigrant visa and “green card”, now years long backlog per Visa Bulletin from 4 main countries (China/India/Philippines/Mexico), now strict enforcement, along w/ DACA rescission, no discretion now by feds. Future unknown, maybe a clean Dream Act. Lorena spoke with passion of helping to make health service & education accessible for any migrant families, $ from Mexican Health Ministry for over 12 years, serving 10,000 people/year. Need culturally sensitive info due to trust issues, with biggest needs for cancer care, diabetes, mental health prevention & education. Then Alejandro (Alex) spoke of arriving age age 5 from Mexico, parents overstayed their Visas, graduated with 4.2 GPA, PCC part time/ then full time, worked at car washing, transferred to UA Eller school and now 3 years at Merrill Lynch. He signed up June 2012 for DACA, for 2 year period to be eligible for work, dispelled myths with facts that 100% of DACA recipients have no criminal history, bring in $1.6 B in state/local taxes. Questions from audience were whether this is an unusual period of immigration law; what is chain migration; were Alex’s parents fearful when he signed up for DACA; are feds going after 60% illegals in country from countries other than Central/South America; what about upcoming March 5, 2018 deadline for 8,000 DACA youth in Arizona; is economy responsible for backlog in Visa processing; what can an individual do to help this issue; what are objections to DACA regarding economy & The Wall; describe Operation Streamline, criminal prosecution for illegal entry & that process. Channel 9 filmed this discussion today. LWVGT visiting Mexican Consulate on Tuesday, 10 a.m.

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