March for Solar and Fair Rates


“Our community wants clean, affordable energy like rooftop solar, and fair rates that don’t penalize low income households or those who conserve electricity!

4:30pm: Join us to deliver a petition to Tucson Electric Power (TEP) signed by hundreds of Tucsonans. We’ll tell TEP to stop its attacks against rooftop solar, and we’ll voice our opposition to TEP’s proposal to drastically increase the monthly fixed charge that all customers must pay.

5:15pm: We will march from TEP headquarters to the Arizona Corporation Commission’s (ACC) public comment session on the TEP rate case, where we will speak up for rooftop solar and fair electricity rates for everyone. Public comments begin at 6pm, please arrive early and fill out a ‘request to speak’ card.

Join us to tell TEP we want ‘Sol Not Coal!’

Our� �state� �is� �at� �a� �crossroads:� �dirty� �coal� �or� �clean� �energy�?�.�� �Let’s� �seize� �this� �opportunity� �and commit� �to� �a� �future� �powered� �by� �clean� �solar� �energy� �and� �energy� �efficiency�.


Transit to TEP headquarters (88 E Broadway) is easy via the Ronstadt Transit Station, one block north of the TEP building. Downtown parking is available on the street (free after 5pm) or at nearby public garages such as the La Placita garage two blocks west of TEP headquarters on Jackson St.

Transit to Tucson High School (400 N 2nd Ave), where the Arizona Corporation Commission’s (ACC) public comment session on the TEP rate case will be heard, is accessed via Suntran routes 3, 6 or 9. Parking is free at Tucson High.

We will rally and deliver our petition at TEP headquarters beginning at 4:30. At 5:15 we march from TEP headquarters to Tucson High School. It is less than one mile, and will take about 30 minutes. The march route begins at Broadway and 6th Avenue, proceeds north on 6th Avenue to 6th Street (5 blocks), and heads east on 6th Street to Tucson High School (4 blocks). This is a peaceful and unpermitted march. All participants must stay on the sidewalk and in crosswalks, and obey all traffic signals. Please consider speaking at the public comment session. To speak, please arrive at Tucson High School by 6:00 p.m. and fill out a ‘request to speak’ card.”

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