Meet Eve Reyes-Aguirre, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate

“It’s not every day a woman runs for Senate—and definitely not in Arizona. Eve Reyes-Aguirre won’t let that deter her, though. The 42 year old is trying to become first woman senator in the state and the first indigenous woman senator, at that.

Reyes-Aguirre, an Izkaloteka Mexican Native who lives in Phoenix, is a Green Party senatorial candidate endorsed by the AZGP and the GPPC and still needs to secure 1,000 nominating signatures from registered Greens, Independents or PND’s (Party Not Designated) prior to May before her name will appear on the ballot.

Eve Reyes-Aguirre

Carolyn’s note: Actually in 2018 there are a few women running for U.S. Senate  in  Arizona:  Republicans former LD 5 State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward & CD 2 Congresswoman Martha McSally, and Democrats CD 9 Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema and immigration atty. Deedra Abboud. But true, that all of these other women candidates are White/Anglo.
Info on Green Party of Pima County:

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