UA Presents MLK Day Intro meeting

MLK meeting

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  1. 15 participants at this meeting tonight, facilitated by Candace Feldman about MLK Day in the past (in Tucson), envisioning MLK’s “beloved community” – what it would look like in Tucson, and how to participate in it. Break out groups said the community would be “neighborhly, engaging, multi-cultural, diverse, inclusive, with shared values, healthy ecosystem; one that would alleviate fears & anxiety, balance out power base; and be aware of differences, include youth volunteers, align leadership, with empathy & sensitivity. ” A wish list of possible speakers/programming for such a free community event possibly at UA Centennial Hall would be an interactive festival/pow wow that would be healing, address social issues, include local artists, and invite for example the Obama family, Jada Pinkett Smith, Oprah, Dick Gregory, Sinbad, Spike Lee, Viola Davis, etc. Candance will follow up by contacting the current MLK Planning Committee which has organized the past MLK Marches/rallies/festivals at Reid Park. She spoke of a “gift to the community” of Tucson.

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