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These 3 co-hosts are the guys who bring you Laughing Liberally at Sky Bar on the last Sunday of every month, 7 to 9 p.m. Now they are moving their humor to the airways to spread their comedic messages on politics in Arizona and America on this weekly radio show. And they have a lot to joke about in the Republican dominated State of Arizona, and the numerous candidates (count them, right now — 15 Republicans running for U.S. President), plus some Dems (i.e. Bernie, Hillary) of course.

This show will be weekly – so listen to their humor every Saturday, same time, same place.

Co-hots Alex, Ryan and Phil

Co-hosts Alex, Ryan, and Phil

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  1. Carolyn Classen

    Adjust your mood by listening to these guys every Saturday at 5 p.m. on Power Talk radio. I just did this afternoon, but I was still flying high after last night’s huge rally with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (live!) at Reid Park. Host Phil Gordon joked about Bernie today by doing an impersonation of him, plus saying that Bernie has made it “cool to be old, bald and Jewish”. Very funny, Phil. Then another Phil came on the air, former LD 27 House Rep. Phil Lopes, also a Bernice supporter and member of Progressive Dems of America. Co-host Alex joked a bit too, then were joined by comic/musician Michael Celli, who sang 2 songs with his guitar.

    Then Fitz from the AZ Daily Star joined these guys as well, for some laughs…he called his paper the “Red Star”. He talked about the world-wide hate mail he receives about his cartoons, and the hopelessness of trying to argue positions with some ill-informed readers. He admitted he “mooned” the audience at his last appearance at Sky Bar in September (true, I can attest to that as I was there for the full moon eclipse).

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