Multiple speakers on upcoming ballot initiatives at DGT

“In the past two weeks we heard from DGT President Brian Bickel about Prop 463 and Mayor Jonathan Rothschild about Prop 407, two of our local measures.

We also have a few statewide measures:
Prop 125: Public Retirement System
Prop 126: Limiting Taxation Options
Prop 127: Clean Energy for Healthy Arizona (full-meeting discussion on Oct 15th)

Prop 305: Referendum on the School Voucher Expansion
Prop 306: Changes to the Clean Elections Commission

We will have a representative from the Arizona Advocacy Network there to share AZAN’s Ballot Guide. Our speakers will be Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley of LD 9 to speak against Props 126 and 306, Stephanie Hamilton from Save Our Schools Arizona on Prop 305, and a brief explanation of Prop 125 and 408 (city elections) from a speaker TBD.

This will be a great chance to learn more about important issues on the ballot, please join us so you are a better messenger against confusing language and well-funded disinformation campaigns while Getting Out the Vote over the next 30 days!
No on 305 materials will be available if you need a yard sign, buttons, or other campaign tools.”

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