National Health Care Voter Day of Action

National Health Care Voter Day of Action
Monday, Nov. 6
2828 N. Country Club Road (Paul Ryan’s PAC office)
“Speakers include: Dr. Randy Friese, Cathy Monroe, RN, Dr. Jeffrey Rein, attorney Tony Zinman, local activist Sami Hamed and Joyce Luna who will be performing a song to kick off the rally.”

“Are you worried about the future of the ACA? Are you worried about the Trump Tax Scam?Come rally with us!

If you worried about the future of the ACA and are worried about the Trump Tax Scam come rally with us and hear from our speakers RepresentativeDr. Randy Friese Cathy Monroe, RN and Retired SUSD Teacher, Dr.Jeffrey Rein MD, Tony Zinman, Attorney and local activist who will share his personal health story, Sami Hamed local activist and local folk singer Joyce Luna who will be singing a song to kick off the rally for the launch of the National Health Care Voter Day of Action! As you see we have changed location for this event as we think it’s time we also expose Paul Ryan’s PAC office that has recently opened in our community and let them know they are NOT welcomed here! For those who do not know this super-PAC has opened the office in Tucson in efforts to hold onto Martha McSally’s seat as they know that it will be a competitive race, it is important to note that they can raise unlimited amounts from individuals and corporations so this is dark money at its finest!

As Health Care Voters, we will hold President Trump and Republicans in Congress like McSally accountable for their efforts to repeal and sabotage the Affordable Care Act (ACA), whether through legislative action or executive order. President Trump and Republican leadership are doing everything they can to undermine our health care and the health insurance markets, which will raise health care premiums, deny access to health care for millions of Americans, and cause the collapse the individual health insurance market.

As advocates, constituents, and consumers, we must stand up to this sabotage and force Congress and the Administration to protect and strengthen our health care, rather than let them play politics with people’s lives. Although Republican efforts to repeal the ACA have failed time and time again, they aren’t giving up and neither will we! So come ready with your signs, loud voices and a friend! We will also have T-Shirts to give out!”

-Arizonans United for Health Care coalition Team

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