No War Against Climate & People in Syria rally

dontbombsyria(from FB event page)
Climate justice and oil wars DO NOT MIX!

Rally Friday, December 11, 4 to 6pm
Starts at 300 West Congress Federal Building
Ends at 407 West Congress, Office of Sen. John McCain

This event is in support of international days of action for climate justice and against war in Syria.

4pm, Pre-march rally at the Federal Building (300 West Congress)

4:30pm, We will march across Congress to John McCain’s office to denounce his support for oil war in Syria at the same time that he pursues policies from Oak Flats to Iraq that put the planet at risk. . For more information: or call 520-243-0381 Endorsers (so far): Derechos Humanos Coalition Arizona Peace Council Nuclear Resister Alliance for Global Justice The Gloo Factory Tucson Anti-War Committee Background: Ever since the oil war against Iraq back in 2003, most of the Kirkuk-Banias oil pipeline, connecting Northern Iraq and Syria, has been shut down. The two most affected companies: Exxon Mobil and Occidental Petroleum. John McCain was advocating for war in Iraq even before George W. Bush was elected, and he has been advocating just as hard for war in Syria. McCain has even met with far right and terrorist elements to help get them funding and support. Why? Because he is anxious for regime change in Syria. His oil company buddies want to complete their take over of Iraqi-Syrian resources and get that pipeline, and their profits, flowing again. Meanwhile, McCain has ridiculed people like Sen. Bernie Sanders when they have suggested that climate change is the number one security threat facing the world today. Instead, in the name of a fake “war on terror”, he advocates for oil wars and a system that is at the heart of climate injustice. The politics represented by John McCain are all about maximizing profits at the expense of Earth, her people and peace. Here at home he has used underhanded methods to get exemptions from environmental laws for the Mount Graham Observatories, built with US Air Force funding, and the mega-copper mine planned for Oak Flats–both on land sacred to the Apache. He is trying to get the same for border militarization installations and efforts within 100 miles of the border. We need to hold John McCain up to the light of day and expose and resist the damaging policies he promotes. We demand system change, not climate change!”

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