Nucleus Club Meeting & State House Candidate Forum

Pima County Democratic Party Nucleus Club meeting, at the Viscount Suite Hotel, 4855 E. Broadway Blvd. Meet the second Thursday of each month. For more information please contact Carmen Prezelski at  (520) 326-3716.

The April 12 meeting will be a forum with the Pima County Democratic candidates for the house. The May 10 meeting will be with the Senate candidates.

“This month Nucleus Club invites you to join your candidates for Arizona House of Representatives. We have invited all State House candidates from across Pima County to attend this special event.

Nucleus Clus has waived the entrance fee for this special event!”

5:30 – 6:00pm Social 6:00 – 7:00pm Forum 7 :00 – 7 :30pm Social

Carolyn’s note:  that means LDs 2, 3, 9, 10,11 in Pima County. Those so far running (for 2 House seats in each LD):

LD 2: Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon and Rep.  Daniel Hernandez Jr. (incumbents)

LD 3:  Senator Olivia Cajero-Bedford, Andres Cano, Maria Garcia (former State Senator), Alma Hernandez (Daniel’s sister)

LD 9: Rep. Dr. Randy Friese & Rep. Pam Powers Hannley (incumbents), JP Martin

LD 10: Rep. Kirsten Engel (incumbent), Domingo DeGrazia, Nikki Lee, Catherine Ripley

LD 11:  Hollace Lyon, Barry McCain

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