Nuns on the Bus “Town Hall for Justice”

One response to “Nuns on the Bus “Town Hall for Justice”

  1. Carolyn Classen

    Over 200 people at this town hall to hear from the Nuns on the Bus — who did a live person demo of the tax inequity between poor and rich in this country (stepping forward or stepping backward depending on what tax laws impacted them). Congresswoman Martha McSally voted for the 2017 “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act”
    tax bill being discussed tonight which helps corporations & the wealthy, which the CBO said would increase the deficit by $1.9 T in 10 years. In response Congress would want to cut SNAP, Infrastructure improvements, 70% of Child Nutrition, Medicare/Medicaid, Disaster Assistance (FEMA), Education, the ACA. Small groups were formed to discuss what impact this tax bill would have on you & your community and what can we do to take action? Comments were to create Youtube video of tonight’s presentation, to Vote! on November 6 by building trust, work w/ legislators, stop voter suppression, provide specifics to voters as to what they will lose.

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