OFA Campaign Tactics Training

Campaign 2018 meets #RubberStamp Reps + Fair Democracy + Progressive

Agenda:  Hosted by OFA – Arizona

“Campaign Tactics Training Overview – OFA volunteers have been fundamental in laying the groundwork for making real change. We’re training a new generation of volunteers on fundamental skills that will be critical for making progress in your community in 2018 — and in the future through issue or electoral advocacy campaigns.

Our Agenda for the Day:

Voter Registration Training – Voting is a cornerstone of civic participation in a representative democracy. We believe it is part of our civic responsibility to raise our voice in shaping the community we want to be. In this module, we cover best practices to make sure we are registering voters as efficiently and effectively as we can.

Digital Organizing Training – Social media is a critical tool for both organizing and mobilizing large groups of people. In this module, we cover the basics of capturing images and crafting simple, effective messages, so that your online content will get noticed, shared, and persuade and mobilize your audience..

Personal Story Training – Personal stories transform issues from complicated, abstract policy to real life experience. They can also be used to connect with volunteers, coalition partners, and friends. We cover the basics of crafting and delivering your own personal story

Effective Conversations Training – In our organizing work, we’re going to have many different conversations with many different types of people. By covering methods of having more effective conversations, we can connect on the underlying reasons and values of an individual — breaking through partisanship and other barriers that artificially divide us.

OFA’s motto is Respect, Empower, Include, Organize. We lead with respect as a core value, and ask that all organizing work is done so with that value in mind. When participating in events like this one, you are committing to do so respectfully.”


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