One Community: A procession and a vigil of affirmation


* WHERE: procession starts (assemble 4:30 – 5:00) at the Stage on the UA Mall near the Krutch Cactus Garden (~1335 East University Blvd at Highland Ave), heads west around the mall to Park Ave, with vigil outside the Arizona State Museum, across the street from Women’s Plaza of Honor (5:30 – 6:15).
** BIKE THERE: 3d Street/ University Bike Blvd to the UA Mall then to Highland Ave; OR Aviation Golf Links Bikeway to Highland Ave, exit and head north to UA campus and the mall; OR Santa Cruz Bikeway to Speedway Blvd, exit and head east to Mountain, south through the student union to the mall, then east to Highland
** BUS THERE: SunTran# 15 (Campbell) to UA Mall, exit and head west ~quarter-mile to the stage; OR SunTran# 4 (Speedway) to Highland, exit and head south ~quarter-mile to the mall; OR SunTran# 3 (6th St/Wilmot) to Highland, exit and head north ~quarter-mile to the mall; OR SunTran# 1 (Park) or SunTran# 6 (Euclid) to University, exit and head east ~half-mile to Highland; OR SunTrolley to Highland/2d, exit and head south two blocks to the mall

* WHY:
” To show our support for all members of our community and our values amidst a rash of assaults on university communities and students nationally.
– We process because we support the rights of all members of our community to pursue and engage in their work without being threatened with and/or targeted with violence and/or exclusion because of their identity.
– We process because we: value one another, and are better for our inclusivity — our excellence lies in our diversity and inclusion; value science and multiple knowledges, forms of inquiry, and social critique; value academic freedom in instruction, research, extramural speech, and in speech about out institutions’ policies, for all members of our intellectual community.
– We are a land grant university, one academic community out of many, in service to many publics and communities.
– We are:
inter-national — of many nations and statuses;
inter-sectional — of many identities, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations and gender identities, ethnicities, and nations of origin;
inter-dependent — an assault on one of us is an assault on all of us, and we are moving forward, together.”

Please join us.

Gary Rhoades, Head,
Dept of Edtl Policy Studies & Practice
Professor and Director,
Center for the Study of Higher Education
College of Education
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721

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