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by Carolyn Classen, blogger


“The “Other Party” is working hard to discredit elections and lower people’s confidence in how they are run. They are threatening to be out in force on Election Day, and are trying to convince voters that mail-in balloting is not secure.

Come find out how ballots are really handled and counted. Get ideas on how you can talk with voters about how secure our local systems really are. Learn what new laws the legislature did and didn’t pass this year. Find out how you can help us observe Pima County’s election procedures.

You can either attend this in person session, or attend a later session via Zoom. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ATTEND BOTH SESSIONS.

Interested in being an observer at the vote centers and/or the ballot processing areas?

  • Let us know by filling out this survey: https://secure.ngpvan.com/-TOXcHFDVUW3BRvr6wEmXA2
  • You can watch workers verify signatures, get ballots ready for the count, see computers in action, and join us after the election for a valid hand audit (not a Fraudit!) of a selection of ballots as a check on the computers.

Hosted by Barbara Tellman and Elaine Lim.”


Carolyn’s note:  In person event is on June 25, but virtual one is on June 29.  Info on the secure link to sign up.

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