PCIC Candidates’ Accountability Session 2018

September 30, 2018 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
St. Pius X Catholic Church
1800 N Camino Pío Décimo
Tucson, AZ 85715

“This accountability session is a major public event for the U.S. Congress and state legislature where they are presented with questions about specific issues important to its member organizations; public education, health care, immigration, workforce development, food security, and ballot initiatives. The public is invited to learn more about these issues and can see many of the candidates there.
All candidates relevant to the Tucson area are invited to attend.

Candidates from Congressional District 2 and State Legislative District 2 and 10 will be questioned directly on stage.

Pima County Interfaith Community (Council)PC is a non partisan organization that represents over thirty faith congregations and non-profit organizations. Together, they determine the questions that they wish to present.”




“Candidates for Congress & State Legislature will discuss Education, Healthcare, Immigration, Ballot Initiatives, and more. Learn where they stand, and hear them address our issues. PUBLIC WELCOME!*

Ann Kirkpatrick – CD 2

Todd Clodfelter – LD 10 House (incumbent)
Kirsten Engel – LD 10 House (incumbent)

Chris Ackerley – LD 2 House
Rosanna Gabaldon  – LD 2 House (incumbent)
Anthony Sizer – LD 2 House

Domingo DeGrazia  – LD 10 House
Daniel Hernandez Jr.  LD 2 House (incumbent)

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and Board of Supervisors Chair, Richard Elias.
Many other officials & candidates will be in attendance.

*This is a nonpartisan event. No candidate campaign materials or clothing is allowed.”

One response to “PCIC Candidates’ Accountability Session 2018

  1. Over 630 people at this accountability session, from mostly churches but also the Red for Ed and YWCA of So. AZ groups. District 5 Supervisor Richard Elias spoke in favor of Prop. 463 county bonds for road improvements, and Mayor Jonathan Rothschild spoke up for Prop. 407, for improving the city parks.
    Rev. Harry Ledwith, pastor of St. Pius X Catholic Church said “welcome to Democracy” to all gathered at his church gymnasium.
    CD 2 House candidate Ann Kirkpatrick answered “yes” to several questions about voting to extend protection for DACA recipients and ensuring that families are not separated from their children at the border; preserving SNAP/Food stamps; to protect Medicare & Medicaid and the ACA (Affordable Care Act), and meeting with PCIC leaders within 90 days. She also gave examples of legislation she would propose (i.e. alternate energy, solar, green city) to mitigate climate change problems. Republican candidate Lea Marquez Peterson was invited but did not show.
    Then 7 House candidates in LD 2 and 10 answered the same questions 1) would they work to find dedicated funding for teacher salaries increases by 20% by 2020 2) accountability for charter schools as well as district public schools 3) voting against efforts to limit patient enrollment in AHCCCS/Medicaid 4) support workforce programs like Job Path and Arizona Career Pathways and 4) meet with PCIC leaders within 90 days. All candidates said yes to all questions, except Rep. Clodfelter who said no to the AHCCCS question. Participating were LD 2 House candidates Chris Ackerley (R), Rep.Rosanna Gabaldon (D), Rep. Daniel Hernandez Jr. (D) and Anthony Sizer (R). LD 10 House candidates were Todd Clodfelter (R), Domingo DeGrazia (D) and Rep. Kirsten Engel (D).
    Also attending today were LD 2 State Senator Andrea Dalessandro, LD 10 State Senator David Bradley, House Rep. Randy Friese, Pam Powers Hannley, PCC Bd. member Mark Hanna, LD 9 Senate candidate Randall Fleenor, LD 10 Senate candidate Marilyn Wiles, LD 11 House candidate Hollace Lyon, PCC Bd. candidate Debi Chess Mabie. Saw two 1/8/11 Tucson Tragedy victims Pam Simon and Pat Maisch there as well.

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