PDOSA Meeting

Community Organizations Represented, Elected Officials, Party Officials, Candidates

Opening Words:

Educational Programming – 20 minutes each. This is an opportunity for us to educate members of our group about the different issues, grassroots organizations or ideas that relate to our club’s platform.

Community Building:
Microaggressions and Ways To Be A Better Ally, Gabriella Cazares-Kelly
Progressive Values:
The Case for Economic Progressivism, Alison Jones

PDOSA Business:
Approval of Minutes
President, Gabriella Cazares-Kelly
1st Vice President, Akanni Oyegbola
2nd Vice President, Cesar Fieros
Treasurer, Pat Kelly
Secretary, Jennifer Contreras
Executive Committee Chair, Phil Lopes
Member at Large, Jenise Porter
Member at Large, Alison Jones

Updates from the Streets: 2 minutes each – Grassroots activism updates
Calls to action/Updates/Plugs

Progressive Candidates: 2 minutes each


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