Plaza Palomino presents DeGrazia Band

Hosted by Plaza Palomino and Festival & Events Association of Tucson & Southern Arizona – FEATsAZ

“Tucson’s own Domingo DeGrazia leads one of the regions most celebrated Spanish-style guitar bands. “Domingo DeGrazia is a guitarist and song writer playing Spanish and classical guitar music. Teamed with violinist Beth Daunis and the DeGrazia band, he performs public concerts and corporate events. Appearing on film and television, his music has reached across the globe and inspired music for Dancing with the Stars. Domingo DeGrazia was born and raised among the music and landscape of the Sonoran desert. The youngest son of famed artist Ted DeGrazia, Domingo’s passion for guitar carries on the family legacy for artistry and continues to impress music and art critics alike. Performing throughout the U.S., DeGrazia’s music embodies the experience of the Southwest and weaves a delicate tapestry through sound.” –
Free with same day receipt from any Plaza Palomino store or restaurant or $10 at the door benefits the Gospel Rescue Mission homeless shelters of Tucson. Raffle for Plaza Palomino gift certificates.”

Carolyn’s note: Domingo DeGrazia is a family law attorney and a pilot as well. He is running in the 4 way Dem primary for 2 seats in LD 10 House of Representatives.  Also running are incumbent Rep. Kirsten Engel and two other political newcomers Nikki Lee and Catherine Ripley.

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