“Power and Control” film screening for Emerge!

“Stand Up NOW for Emerge!

  • More than 1200 people across Arizona have died from some form of domestic violence during the past 10 years;
  • According to Emerge!, there are 25 domestic violence related deaths and 14,000 9-1-1 calls each year in Pima County.

Help Tucson NOW in support of Emerge! ~ a Tucson nonprofit that provides domestic abuse crisis intervention and housing, prevention, education, support, and advocacy services to anyone experiencing domestic abuse.

Join us for a free screening of Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America (50 minutes) followed by a panel discussion with counselors, legal professionals, and Emerge! representatives.

In lieu of ticket price, we will be accepting gift card or cash donations to benefit the women and children working with EMERGE! We will have a collection box for much needed supplies. 100% of funds will go directly to Emerge!

Admission is free, but seating is limited. Register today to receive a ticket and a reserved seat.

Please use the following link to find out more about supplies needed to provide critical support to families is crisis:


Find more about our Tucson Chapter at:


One response to ““Power and Control” film screening for Emerge!

  1. Powerful movie about the Duluth Model of Power & Control, filmed in Duluth,MN with a woman and 3 daughters seeking Safe Haven shelter from her abusive husband, with interviews from therapists, victims, law enforcement. Panel discussion later w/ Dr. Heather Brewster from Veterans Affairs Hospital and Anna Harper, Exe. Vice Chair of Emerge! Anna said that DV is a “way of life” for some, she oversees programs on how to stop victims from dying, that it is “still not enough”. Dr. Brewster said that DV has life long impact on women, why do the stay? is a complex problem, due to cycle of violence and barriers to leaving an abuser, they want to provide awareness of DV, to please donate $ to Emerge! Her job is treatment for victims, to help stop cycle of abuse, works w/ men’s group as well for education & healing their own childhood abuse. Questions were if could change single law, what would it be?; what is institutional funding?; how about donating 1% of military budget to social services; funding of VAWA and VOCA; joining Tucson NOW as partner; do they still use Duluth Model; are abusers still mostly men; what is root cause of violence; are military/police more likely to be abusers; how to raise children/boys to be peaceful members of community; is there a clothesline project in Tucson, is DV a social class issue, only experienced by poor?; is there lack of sisterhood now? More info at Emerge! website or at Tucson Now’s, for Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October). About 30 people in attendance tonight.

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