Premiere of Tucson film “Little Brother: Manchild in the Promised Land”

Little Brother

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  1. Almost full house tonight at the YWCA to view these documentary films, as introduced by the filmmaker Nicole Franklin. C. 1 was called “Things Fall Apart” in Camden, NJ telling us about the high crime rate there and the perceptions of the black boys (ages 9 to 13) interviewed about dating, their parents, activities, crime. C. 5 “Manchild in the Promised Land” was of course more interesting being filmed in Tucson with several of the cast present. It showed an early black soldier from Sinaloa stationed at the Presidio San Agustin, then interviews of black boys about mountain biking, whether boys can cry, their future. Fascinating panel afterward with Dr. Michael Engs who has done research on blacks in the SW, & the Buffalo Soldiers; Andre Newman, MPH and in performing arts about Arizona Heritage Tours depicted in the film. Questions from the audience were about their acting, how to “change the narrative” of black people (not all from slave history), the selection process of finding these actors, what did they learn from the film, each other, whether they could talk about the acting experience with their peers, how it empowered them, how to handle current racism and speaking up to adults for help. Nicole moderated and encouraged more indie films like these,by going to at her website. She also asked the question to the audience early on (to post on index cards) – “What qualities do young black males lack?”. One older man from audience said to turn off the TV & other machines, stay in school and vote! Main issue: how to give black boys a unique voice, in a positive way. Nicole urged that “media culture has to change”regarding blacks boys and men.

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