Protect Reproductive Rights, Protect Our Planet

Hosted by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizonaand Center for Biological Diversity

“A community discussion connecting reproductive rights and the environment.

Join Planned Parenthood of Arizona and the Center for Biological Diversity for a Bilingual Community Forum.

Panelists from both organizations will be joined by Tucson City Councilwoman, Regina Romero to discuss how empowering people protects the planet and what Arizona communities can do to defend reproductive rights.

When: Wednesday, May 9th
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Location: YWCA of Southern Arizona -Conference room
525 N. Bonita Avenue, Tucson

Over the past 50 years, human population has doubled, while wildlife populations have been cut in half. Our growth — along with our reckless overconsumption — is crowding out other animals.
At the same time, reproductive freedom faces unprecedented attacks at the federal and state level. Preventing unplanned pregnancies can reduce the pressure human population has on endangered species and fight the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Call 503-819-1170 for additional information”

One response to “Protect Reproductive Rights, Protect Our Planet

  1. Over 40 people in attendance at this workshop tonight, including CD 2 candidate Mary Matiella and LD 3 Senate candidate Betty Villegas. Dr. Betty Thomasson, Sr. Population Campaigner for Center for Biological Diversity spoke about need to protect ecosystems & 500 endangered species. She said that world pop. in 1800 was 1 B, expected to be 8 B by 2024, that we are now in the 6th Great Extinction. In Arizona 69% of water use is for agriculture, and that the best solution to that is to stop eating meat (animal husbandry). Human overpopulation is the root of env. issues; U.S. population rate is 1.8 and Mexico’s is 2.2. The Meliissa Garcia, Raiz Program Mgr. for Planned Parenthood of America informed us that 1/2 U.S. pregnancies are unplanned, need for comprehensive sex ed. PP serves 90,000 people/year with 8 health centers in Arizona. ACA birth control benefit program affected 55 M women. Colorado with private $ reduced teen repeat pregnancy rate by 58%. 24 states and D.C. mandate sex ed (not Arizona, with there is still requirement of parental consent to Opt Out or Opt In of sex education.) TUSD passed policy to teach “quality sex education”, referred to committee, no progress since June 2016. Then Ward 1 Councilmember Regina Romero led discussion on What is Next?
    Suggestions were education & empowerment of girls & women; elect right people to legislature &Congress; better family planning at schools; higher living wages; push for comprehensive sex ed at legislature; go to or for alerts; PP website as well to (“Learn”link); become a “trusted adult” to a young person; give $ to progressive candidates; visit OFA (Organizing for America) tables at Antigone Books and Loft Cinema, get inspired by march/rally for #RedforEd, Women’s Marches. Regina reminded all that there is a direct relationship between reproductive health &justice for women and the environment/climate change. Dr. Thomasson said that women & children are disproportionately affected by clilmate change as construction jobs after disasters refer male employees.

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