Rally for Charlottesville

Hosted by Democrats of Red Rocks
“There has been grief and disbelief throughout the Sedona community. Area residents have been asking for a way that Sedona can show its support for peaceful gatherings, honor Heather Heyer, the peaceful protester who was mowed down in Charlottesville. Those of us that met have come up with an event to provide for people’s peaceful expressions. This event has been announced at
several local meetings that have taken place, and word is spreading via the internet.
The event will take place Sunday evening, August 20, at 6:30 PM at the corner of 89A andNorthview Rd. I am attaching a draft of the flier that has been starting to circulate. It is not a march, but rather envisioned as a vigil.Those of us that met felt that the location is appropriate as it would not disrupt any
open businesses, and would provide adequate space, nearby parking, a peaceful setting, and a link to veterans who died standing up to exactly the type of rhetoric that has unfortunately been gaining traction in our country.Please wear purple to honor Heather Meyer.

This event is sponsored by a coalition of community groups, faith leaders, women’s groups, social justice groups and political groups.”


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