Red for Ed Rally

April 30, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Arizona State Capitol
1700 W Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Hosted by Red Mountain Ranch PTC

“Show your support for our RMRE teachers and staff by joining us at the#RedforEd Rally. Help their voices be heard so our children can receive the best education possible!”


8 responses to “Red for Ed Rally

  1. Teresa Reeve BSN, RN

    This is for all you selfish anti red for ed protestors who think that YOUR special needs/children and YOUR inconvenience in the strike is all that matters!
    Never in my life have I seen such self-centered selfish beings who do not care about all the other children that this can benefit, not to mention retaining the best teachers to educate our children.
    It is sad when there are such ignorant people who only care about themselves, and not the greater good of many. As a well educated health care professional, why do you think the best of the best move to the areas where the pay is competitive? It’s a no brainer…
    I guess the other alternative would be to no longer require teachers to be educated to educate… just let dedicated workers from fast food restaurants, discount department stores, prisons, etc educate the children of our future!
    I work with a nurse who has been a third grade teacher for 15 years! She needed to get her nursing degree so that she could make enough to live on for her 3 kids! To include working shifts after school, on weekends, and during the summer!
    You people need to get a grip and stop wallowing in your selfishness! Or move to a communist country where teachers have no say in what they deserve for there students or themselves. And.. one last thing… I guarantee that some of you selfish people I am referring to.. there have been teachers over the years who took money from their own pockets to make sure YOUR child had what was needed.. and you were not even aware!

  2. To whom it may concern.. I just moved here and it’s really sad that the teachers can’t get the raise they deserve. The movement is GREAT but this is a Red State. HOW ABOUT CHANGING THE COLOR TO BLUE? MAYBE just maybe this will change their minds. JS. AND PLEASE DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE SPECIAL ED TEACHERS.

  3. Apparently you don’t understand the plight of the severely underpaid support staff who make barely over minimum wage for diapering and feeding special ed students. They are being forced to take days off work without pay due to the teachers’ strike and they will *not* be getting a 20% raise. Very unfair.

    • This is a great point, and why I certainly will not be approving a 20% raise for entitled “teachers” making far more than they are worth. I would love to see a raise for support staff and see that money come from tenured teachers maxing out our system into their own retirement.

      • For Sure Not Tom

        Who are these “entitled” teachers? Sounds like a talking point without anything to back it up.

        Why do you have quotation marks around “teachers”. That looks like a talking point in “code” form. Make them seem like they’re not legitimate without giving any proof.

        Can you just talk like a human being instead of a politician speaking to your base and the Koch brothers?

        You are punching down, not a good look to anyone other than your base and your Koch brother owners.

  4. Red For Ed not that dedicated if you are not protesting this weekend. You are acting like little kids throwing a fit on floor. This is what you are teaching your kids. Way to go.

    • they are teaching kids to stand up for what they want. teachers are wanting more funding to help classrooms and provide better technology to Arizona’s future generation, they want whats best for their students and even their own children. looks like someone hasn’t educated themselves on the matter.

    • People like this are mad because they couldn’t find daycare…. Just another selfish person who doesn’t understand that our school system is absolutely horrible. Maybe if you were in the classroom as a teacher with 45 students….you’d understand why they are protesting. Anyone who is against this is someone who doesn’t understand the value of learning and giving those who teach the love and respect they deserve. We need more teachers and everyone is leaving to other states that will pay better for their abilities…. Arizona needs to step up their game and show support before we lose everyone and end up with an even worse situation with our educational system.

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