Retired AZ Supreme Court Justice Stanley Feldman at DGT

March 21, 2016 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Dragon's View restaurant
400 N Bonita Ave
Tucson, AZ 85745
$10 Chinese buffet cash, $12 credit/debit, $3.50 drink only
Retired Arizona Supreme Court Justice Stanley Feldman

Retired Arizona Supreme Court Justice Stanley Feldman

Retired Arizona Supreme Court Justice Stanley Feldman will be speaking on Prop. 123 from a legal perspective, at Democrats of Greater Tucson.

Justice Feldman came to Tucson at age 5, graduated from the UA both as an undergraduate and 
from the UA Law School, practiced law for many years before being named by then 
Governor Bruce Babbit to the AZ Supreme Court, where he served for 21 yeas, 5 as Chief Justice.
> He represented local Japanese-American veteran and businessman Henry "Hank " Oyama 
to overturn Arizona's miscegenation law, that prevented issuance of marriage licenses 

One response to “Retired AZ Supreme Court Justice Stanley Feldman at DGT

  1. Justice Feldman spoke today about the history of the 1910 Arizona Enabling Act which originally set aside $ to support public education, setting aside $11 M for this purpose. Because the Arizona legislature ignored Prop. 301 which would have given such $ to the schools, a lawsuit was filed by several AZ school districts for the $, which was ruled on favorablyby the AZ Supreme Court. However before there was a final order, negotiations were conducted to settle the suit and the Plaintiffs agreed to the Prop. 123 deal with the Governor and legislature. Feldman said that Prop. 123 will likely pass due to $4 B being raised to promote it across Arizona, and supported by the school districts, leadership councils, chambers of commerce. Questions from the audience included about changing # of Supreme Court justices in AZ Constitution, a protest vote against Prop. 123, a possible statewide teacher strike, the economic trigger of Prop. 123, were Plaintiffs unanimous on the settlement deal, what other mechanisms are there to pressure the pay up, separation of powers at state level (judiciary vs. governor vs. legislature), possibility of changing makeup of Arizona legislature. Several people in the audience today.

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