Sam Almy, AZ Dem Party Elections Director at DGT

April 20, 2015 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Dragon's View restaurant
400 North Bonita Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85745
$10 Chinese buffet cash, $12 credit/debit, $3.50 drink only

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Almy will speak on:  “Results of 2014 Election, What Have We Learned”. Almy can be reached at: (602)234-6822 |

3 responses to “Sam Almy, AZ Dem Party Elections Director at DGT

  1. Jeanne Glover

    I am a precinct committeewoman, a state committee woman and the secretary of the Yuma local Democratic Party. I am attempting to get logged into the VAN so I can help others and myself continue to serve the party.

  2. Almy spoke about D/R/I turnout statewide, with 2014 having a “historically low turnout” statewide at 47.5% (lowest turnout was 45.8% in 1998). Democrats lost a house seat in LD 2, and the biggest lost was in CD 2 (Ron Barber losing to Martha McSally by 167 votes). Although Pima County had highest voter turnout at 55.2%, it was lower than expected. Questions from the audience (including LD 2 State Senator Andrea Dalessandro & LD 10 House rep. Bruce Wheeler): whether D Party should back progressive over moderate candidates, higher minimum wage issue, any info on teacher vote, turnout for City Council races, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s progressive success, Colorado marijuana initiative, any difference between early and poll turnout in Dem party, LD 2 race with two CDs, state party remodeling strategy, Independents being more R or D, magic # needed for statewide turnout, pending S. Ct. case on independent redistricting.

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