AZ Dem Party Data Director Sam Almy on “2016 by the numbers, what went right and what went wrong” at DGT

May 1, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Dragon's View restaurant
400 N Bonita Ave
Tucson, AZ 85745

May 1 Sam Almy, “2016 by the Numbers, what went right and what went wrong.” He is the Data Director for the Arizona Democratic Party in Phoenix.

Sam Almy and his wife Lynne

“Our speaker this week is Arizona Democratic Party Data Director Sam Almy. Born and raised in Maine, Sam went to the College of Wooster (pronounced Worcester, not like rooster) , in Wooster, OH. He began working in politics in 2008 with the state coordinated campaign. During the 2010 election Sam worked for the Grijalva campaign. Sam met his wife, Lynné, who worked for the Gifford’s campaign during the 2010 cycle, and despite his working for a progressive democrat, they’ve been together since. After the 2011 Tucson city elections, Sam sold out to the great state of Maricopa County to become the data director for the Arizona Democratic party.”

DGT meets Monday’s (except holidays) at 12:00 noon at DRAGON’S VIEW Restaurant, 400 N. Bonita, south of St. Mary’s, between Freeway & Grande. TURN SOUTH AT FURR’S CAFETERIA. Lunch is $10.00 cash ($12.00 debit/credit) includes buffet, drink, tax, and tip.

One response to “AZ Dem Party Data Director Sam Almy on “2016 by the numbers, what went right and what went wrong” at DGT

  1. Sam presented his 2016 campaign analysis for Pima County, which showed that 85.7% of Republicans voted over 71.8% Dems in the Nov. 2016 election, though more Dems turned in early ballots, and most of these Dem votes were over 65 years old. Low Hispanic turnout 81% non Hispanic to 19% Hispanic in Pima County, with only 15% turnout statewide. 120,000 ballots left blank statewide in the Presidential election. Questions from audience were about surge in Maricopa County, how improve early ballot program, how explain Republican House win in LD 10, any correlation between candidates and electorate turnout, analysis of the PPP, why do Dems do better in early ballots returns than at the polls, better training of PCs vs. higher turnout, ethnicity between non-H and Hispanics, more voter education & messaging for Hispanic voters, labor union stats on voting, issues vs. social media pressure to vote, where can DGT get Sam’s graphs, no provisional ballots issued to some in PPP last year. Candidates Paul Durham for Ward 3, and former House Rep. Wheeler for CD 2 present.

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