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by Carolyn Classen, blogger

A group of dedicated activists is heading up this effort to save the south duck pond and Barnum Hill in Reid Park from the proposed Reid Park Zoo expansion. As far as I can tell, the specific plan was not in the original Prop. 202 & 203 passed by 633 votes in 2017. I’ve written about this issue in December:


Over 29,000 people have signed a petition to save the duck pond: https://www.change.org/p/tucson-city-council-and-reid-park-zoo-save-the-reid-park-duck-pond?fbclid=IwAR0c9hEFuHIwKpORtT276FD5bmj3Z2mDOt6SqRU-7LbXCKQ7vPe-nMXmF2k

Doesn’t seem right to take away a lovely desert oasis area enjoyed by the public, for the zoo which charges fees. Our family supports the zoo and just went to their Holidays in Lights event in December, but the zoo could/should expand to somewhere else in the park.

AZ Daily Star columnist Tim Steller has written about this: recently on Feb. 3rd:


More info: https://www.savetheheartofreidpark.org/

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/422394142400188/

“Gather at 2:30pm. Protest from 3pm to 5pm ish.
We are going to outline the 3.5 acres the City and Zoo are trying destroy for zoo expansion. We will be standing 6 to 10 feet apart holding signs, letting people know what’s at stake and what would be lost.
This ridiculous plan to save wildlife by destroying beloved park land, wildlife and mature trees must be stopped! It’s a lose/lose/lose situation for the zoo, park users and the City.
We will take a walk past the zoo and circle their parking lot while chanting.
To end we will would like to line the majority of the sidewalk of both 22nd and Country Club to let passer bys know what’s happening.
Look for people wearing green scarves with red hearts for help or questions.
There will of a variety of music to amp up the fun!
Wear masks! Bring water and food you might need!
We have some signs made, but if you make your own it will help.
There will be news agencies this time!”
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