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By Carolyn Classen, bloggerI

Info on City of Tucson Elections page about upcoming Special Election re: Tucson Electric Power (T.E.P) franchise agreements & increasing surcharges, go to link:


News links on this special election:



Found info on this Proposition 412 on TEP‘s website, www.tep.com; Working Together to Serve Tucson’s Energy Needs – Tucson Electric Power (tep.com):

“City of Tucson voters will vote in a May 16 special election on a new, 25-year franchise agreement with Tucson Electric Power that would help support our community’s long-term energy resilience and sustainability.

Proposition 412 would grant TEP permission to build and operate its local electric grid in the city’s rights of way, similar to agreements in place with other municipalities. It would replace TEP’s current voter-approved franchise agreement with the City of Tucson, which expires in April 2026.

City staff and TEP have drafted an updated agreement that would add a 0.75-percent “Community Resilience Fee” to monthly electric bills of TEP customers within the city. The franchise fee would remain at 2.25 percent. Customers within the city also pay a 2.25 percent city utility tax that would remain unchanged.

The revenue generated by that new 0.75 percent fee could be used to cover the additional cost of building certain electric infrastructure underground, with the approval of both the city and TEP. It also could be used to fund efforts that support the city’s Climate Action Plan, including new clean energy resources, electric vehicle infrastructure and heat mitigation efforts.

The proposed change would add less than $1 per month to the average monthly electric bills of residential customers with typical usage within the City of Tucson. That impact would vary with usage. Customers living outside the City of Tucson would not pay this fee.

The Tucson Mayor and Council voted unanimously on Jan 25 to call a special election on May 16 that will allow city voters to approve or reject the new franchise, which will appear on the ballot as Proposition 412.”

UPDATE: Found copy of ordinance 11984 to be voted upon is at the bottom of TEP link.

Early ballots go out on April 19.


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