Stand Up to Doubletalk Ducey in Tucson

Stand Up to #DoubleTalkDucey in Tucson!  Hosted by Stand with betts* for TUSD (and Progress Now Arizona, Indivisible Southern Arizona, Mi  Familia Vota)

January 9 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, Granada Ave. side of TCC

“The Tucson Metro Chamber will host Governor Doug Ducey at the annual State of the State luncheon to deliver his State of the State address detailing the issues affecting not only Southern Arizona, but the entire state of Arizona. This is a highly attended and visible event that addresses many important issues. January 9”

“On Tuesday, Jan. 9, Gov. Ducey will be giving a Tucson version of his State of the State speech at a $110-per-person luncheon hosted by the Tucson Chamber of Commerce. We’ll be waiting outside to show him that we’re done with his double talk, and ready to demand something better.

Frustrated by the way that Ducey claims to support public education — while refusing to pay teachers anything close to what they deserve? Infuriated by the way Ducey claims to stand for inclusivity — while continuing to support people like Joe Arpaio? Fed up with the way Ducey pretends to champion Arizona’s middle class — while supporting tax cuts for his rich friends? Join us! Bring signs and come ready to chant and speak out.”

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