Stop Border Patrol Violence! Justice for Jose Antonio and Scott Warren

Hosted by No More Deaths/No Más Muertes and 2 others

“On May 11th, community organizations across Tucson will come together to demand justice for José Antonio, who was murdered in 2012 by Border Patrol Agent Lonnie Swartz, and to show support for Scott Warren, who is currently facing federal felony charges for his humanitarian aid work.

Starting with a press conference at 9 am, we will decry Border Patrol’s systemic violence and speak to the resilience and dedication of communities in resistance. We will then support first José Antonio’s family and then Scott as they both face judicial proceedings in the Deconcini courthouse. There will be art, food, music, shade and cold things to drink. Come down, show your support and learn more about what’s happening locally to hold Border Patrol accountable for their crimes against humanity.

And don’t forget to call the DA’s office and demand a re-trial for agent Lonnie Swartz! 520.620.7300. Samples script below.


On April 23rd, Lonnie Swartz was acquitted by a jury trial of second-degree murder charges for the October 10, 2012 killing of José Antonio Elena Rodriguez, a 16-year old Mexican national who Swartz shot 16 times through the border fence in Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora. Local district attorneys have made clear that they want to proceed with a re-trial on lesser charges of manslaughter, but that they need a show of widespread community support to make a good argument in court. The DA’s will declare their intent to retry or not on the 11th, so please call their office today and demand a re-trial!

Scott Warren was arrested on January 17th, 2018 for allegedly providing food, water, and hospitality to two undocumented men in Ajo, Arizona. Scott is a volunteer with the organization No More Deaths, whose stated mission is to “end death and suffering in the US-Mexico borderlands” by providing humanitarian aid. On May 11th, his lawyers will be making arguments to drop the charges against him based on the Religious Freedoms Restoration Act


“My name is ____ and as a member of the Arizona community I demand that Lonnie Swartz be retried and held accountable for the brutal killing of 16-year old José Antonio Elena Rodriguez in 2012. There’s no justification for shooting 16 times from the US side of the border wall into Mexico. José Antonio Elena Rodriguez was a beloved son, grandson, brother, uncle and an important member of the community in Nogales, Sonora. If given the opportunity to reframe the debate during retrial, I have confidence that justice will prevail. This is an historical human and civil rights case, and a unique opportunity to hold Border patrol accountable. I support your efforts to deliver justice for José Antonio Elena Rodriguez and his family. Thank you.”

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