Safety Pin Nation AZ Peace Vigil

January 20, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Margaret T Hance Park
1202 N 3rd St
Phoenix, AZ 85004


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“Join us in our peace vigil. Registration required. Website forthcoming. Unite in solidarity and song. Bring signs. Bring LED or cell phone lights. Wear your safety pins. Bring family and friends. Peace and Love are not dead. They are alive WITHIN US and stronger when we are together. Be prepared to choose a path of action and volunteer at a local organization that supports a cause in which you believe. Be there! January 20th 7pm. (Note: this is not a march, it is a Public Assembly.)

Safety Pin Nation is a movement of peaceful changemakers starting local. Safety Pin Nation is composed of Bully blockers, embracers of diversity, advocates for the environment and its wildlife, supporters of women’s rights, Arizona Dream Act Coalition backers, troops for better veteran care, champions for the disabled and mentally ill, defenders of black lives matter, fighters for healthcare as a human right, LGBTQ allies, helpers of the homeless and hungry, supporters of sensible gun control, supporters of refugees, defenders of children’s rights, fighters against human trafficking, leaders in comprehensive immigration reform, backers of religious freedom, front-runners for equal pay and paid maternity leave, supporters of prison reform, cohorts for properly compensated teachers and quality preK-12 education, native american allies, believers in higher education access for all and much more.

Reúnanse con nosotros para una vigilia de Paz. Requiere que se matriculen en nuestra pagina web (por venir). Lleven posteres. Lleven familia y amigos. Lleven imperdibles. Lleven belas (solo LED o la luz del celular) para una vigilia de Paz. Prepárense para tomar acción y elegir una organización en la que pueden hacer un trabajo voluntariado. El Amor y La Paz no están muertos. Viven DENTRO DE NOSOTROS y son MAS FUERTES cuando nos juntamos. No se lo pierdan. El 20 de enero a las 7pm. (Ojo: No es una marcha.)”


3 responses to “Safety Pin Nation AZ Peace Vigil

  1. You are misguided

  2. I heard this was changed to Margaret Hance Park. This blog post needs to be revised.

    • Carolyn Classen

      Thanks Marie, for letting us know. Updated this calendar event with new location & title. Not being in Phoenix I don’t always get updates like that.

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