AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction clean elections debate

Citizens Clean Elections debate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, televised live on “Arizona Horizon” (Arizona PBS Channel 8), moderated by Ted Simons. All Clean Elections debates will be posted online. The debates will be available on theClean Elections website within 72 hours after they occur. The videos will remain online for voters to watch throughout the election. The debate will also be available on Arizona PBS’ website.

Carolyn’s note 9/6/18:  Arizona primary elections results finally determined with Republican Frank Riggs winning by small margin of 359 votes over other candidate Bob Branch, leaving incumbent Superintendent Diane Douglas in 3rd place.  Riggs is a former Congressman from California, and also ran for Governor in the Republican Primary of 2014 (came in last in a 6 way race).

On the Democratic side, teacher Kathy Hoffman has prevailed over Tempe Councilman David Schapira.

Kathy Hoffman is An advocate for special needs children, mainstreaming ELL students in order to achieve immersion, and protecting the safety and rights of students in the LGBTQ community.

Kathy Hoffman

Frank Riggs


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