Take Back The Night Presents: Tough Guise 2 and Community Panel

“We are excited to announce our kick-off event for April Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

Take Back The Night Presents: Tough Guise 2 and Community Panel On Masculinity’s Role In Gender-Based Violence at The Loft Cinema

Come support this grassroots community education fundraiser benefitting Take Back The Night Tucson, a community-led effort to speak out against sexual violence, raise awareness, and support survivors.

The featured film is Tough Guise 2, a documentary that investigates the ongoing epidemic of men’s violence in America. After the film, a community panel made up of local activists will lead a discussion on men’s roles in challenging toxic masculinity.

Ticket price is donation-based. 100% of what is donated at the door will remain 100% local and helps expand Take Back The Night Tucson’s sexual violence prevention message throughout Tucson.

We are thankful to our sponsors SAAF, EMERGE!, and SACASA for making this event possible.”


One response to “Take Back The Night Presents: Tough Guise 2 and Community Panel

  1. About 170 patrons there tonight to view this documentary about masculinity in today’s American man — and the propensity for violence and self destruction. Jackson Katz narrates this hard-hitting, graphic movie with stats about how violent men (not women) are with rape, murder, suicides, DV, etc. and how society has shaped men to “man up”, not be “sissies”, and to be “real men”, resulting in gun violence and physical fighting. Criticism of the so-called “wussification” of boys & men was shown on TV talk shows. Sadly violent video games and movies have only added to this trend. He urges men to be more compassionate, not to be threatened by women’s quest for equality, to communicate, get counseling, etc. Didn’t stay for the panel discussion/reactions to the film. Katz did speak correctly about the recent isolated mass shooters being 99% young men, many of whom used gun violence to compensate for their feelings of lack of manhood. Join in with Take Back the Night (to recognize victims of violence) on April 12, 4 p.m. City of South Tucson Municipal complex. $500 raised tonight for Culture of Peace Alliance, fiscal agent of Take Back the Night.

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