“The Cleaners” free film on immigrant workers’ rights

April 19, 2018 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Loft Cinema
3233 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85716

With panel discussion before the film!

The Cleaners


5:30 pm: Panel on immigrant workers’ rights
6:00 pm: Screening, followed by Q&A and reception

“The Cleaners is a documentary short that follows the story of three immigrant workers who clean for a large department store chain in Tucson, Arizona. After over a year being paid less than the minimum wage, the women decide to demand their right to fair pay. With the help of law students from the Workers’ Right Clinic at the University of Arizona, these brave women take on mounting risks as they fight to enforce their legal rights. The film shows the powerful work being done by the Workers’ Rights Clinic, as well as the difficulty and stress immigrant low-wage workers face when fighting abuses in the workplace. This film was made by Lisa Molomot and a class of undergraduate students studying law and film-making at the University of Arizona. (Dir by Lisa Molomot, 2018, USA, 30 mins., Not Rated)”


2 responses to ““The Cleaners” free film on immigrant workers’ rights

  1. Illegal immigrants do not have American worker’s rights. They are not Americans.

    • For Sure Not Tom

      American corporations hire them. If you don’t want people coming here, you should go after the Big Ag CEO’s.

      Why is it no one ever goes after the employers? Trust me, they know who’s working for them. And if there’s no job, people go home.

      And you should be upset with Capitalism, because Capitalism demands the lowest cost be paid to create goods and services, and Capitalists love undocumented immigrants.

      Maybe you’re not a Christian, because I have read the Bible, Jesus is very clear. Take immigrants in or it’s the pit.

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